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I am running | Insomniac brat. 

I am running

running from the sleep
keeping myself of the dreams
dreams that aren’t reality

I am running 
running from the thoughts
of me being older and
mis managing my responsibility

I am running 
running from the emotions
develops on the mobile screen
while expressing them is my worst ability

I am running 
running from the talks 
everyone speaks of their achievements
sneaking into a cloak of invisibility

I am running
running from the light
afraid that its going to burn me
ruining every last of my opportunity

I am running
running away from the culture
created by the standards of some men
they call themselves the society

I am running
running away from the personal connections
safe guarding myself by a wall
thoughts that those aren’t true hospitality

I am running
running towards the addiction
the feeling of high over drugs
drowning myself in a pool of humility

I am running 
running towards the wreck
maybe be a masterpiece one day
and gain myself immortality

I am running
running to nothing 
mom & dad , I am sorry.
watch from over my shoulders, my futility. 
Debjyoti Saha

Under the pouring rain | Insomniac Brat

I was standing in the pouring rain,
holding her hand;
down by the 6th lane.
looking at her gloomy eyes,
washing my pride and pain;
no, i didn’t want that night to end.

she looked at me with eyes so bright
sorry, I couldn’t pretend that everything’s alright.
i held her hand, put me around her.
we were getting comfy ,
to the heat of our body.
while i listen to her scold,
being drenched and soaked in cold.
I was standing in the pouring rain,
holding her hand;
down by the 6th lane.
i could feel the pain,
the rush of blood through her veins,
feeling those feelings ;
were driving me Insane.

I hugged her so tight,
held her closer to me,
being afraid that,
it might be another dream,
on another night.
Nothing felt so perfect,
& everything was alright.

I was standing in the pouring rain
holding her hand;
down by the 6th lane.
the rain stopped and cleared the sky;
while i kissed her ,
under the silver lining of the moonbeam.
spent the rest of the time,
up and gazing  her beauty;
under the million star stream.


Motivation | Poem an year ago!

The worlds just playing
It is just making you saying
You are making a fool out of yourself
What is wrong with you?
You can cut through them
You know they can’t beat you
You are just not working the way
Useless for me to say
They can’t understand you
Cause you are different
They think you can be bent
Show them what you are made of
Show them you can build your own tent
You think fast , they are slow
They will never last, they will never know
I say you go with the flow ,
Also target the priorities with your bow.
Sometimes attitude won’t just matter
Speak up loud, don’t just utter
People are going to talk at your back
They are just full bullshit sack
Show them what you are made of
Show them your fears
Let them know about your tears
Let them know about your story
Show them that you are worried
Show them that you care
Let them know that you are buried
Let them know what you can bear
Show them what is special about you
Show them what is that they don’t have
Let them know how to beable to see the other day
Let them know what isabout the other day
They will laugh at you,
You are your own kind
Don’t let others ruin your mind!
Do what you love to, have to!
Ignore could’s and make it happen!
If you will , I can pay your bill.!!

What hurts?

What hurts?
Is when you aren’t feeling well.
Still waiting for the person,
Hoping they would ring the door bell.
What hurts?
Is when you find something so perfect,
And somewhere you found ;
Never was worth it.
What hurts?
Is when you are waiting for a text,
While you are being ignored
Even if it was your best.
What hurts?
Is when you cry yourself to sleep,
The next morning
And you cut yourself so deep.
What hurts?
Is when your day starts alright
Struggling through the day
it turns to a wreck by midnight.
What hurts?
Is when you think of someone all day,
And realising that, they pushed you away.
What hurts?
Is when you are soaking your blood in wine.
Hoping that one day it would all turn out fine.
What hurts?
Is when you think it’s a perfect life,
And the very next moment you search for knife.
What hurts?
Is when you love someone,
Even when not in sight.
When they left you in the dark
On the street by the lamplight.

Debjyoti Saha


Maybe you love me more
or, Maybe you love me less.
Maybe you miss me
or, Maybe you had forgotten about me.
Maybe I am your nightmare
or, Maybe I am your sweet dreams.
Maybe you cry yourself to sleep
or, Maybe you would careless.
Maybe you have got past it
or, Maybe you clinch on to it.
Maybe you cherish it
or, Maybe you regret it.
Maybe you want to come running
or, Maybe you want to runaway.
Maybe there’s thousands of thoughts
or, Maybe you think of me.
Maybe you get angry when you see my name
or, Maybe you smile and remember me.

I got no but’s with these maybe’s;
I got no more wishes;
I got no more excuses;
I got no more lies;
I got no nothing going on;
and, I ain’t running away no more.

I got to tell you the truth;
I got to hold on to you;
I got to dream with you;
I got to kiss you good night;
I got to hold you tight.

I know there’s no way.
I know you wouldn’t believe.
I know I gave you the reason not to.
I know I lost your trust.
I know I sent you away.

I really need you tonight,
like every other.
I really need you on sunshine,
like every other.
I really want to hold your hands,
like every other.
I really want to laugh and cry,
like every other.
I really want you for forever,
like every other.


Its about her and me.

I liked her and she liked me
We both were dumb assess
Blindfolded by the thoughts
We couldn’t see through
When we said we liked each other
It was enough for both of us
And when we were together
Wished that it lasts forever
It was a day, we couldn’t forget
She loved me and i loved her
Saw our time pass by us
And we couldn’t stop it there
It was our bond, didn’t care
the next day didn’t seem fair
Apart again as separate strangers
Still couldn’t forget her pretty face
Although haven’t seen her, pictures
That were the only fairshare
Maybe we didn’t kiss on the lips
We didnt feel the warmth of other’s skin
But it was more than what meets the eye
We are separated, without a goodbye.
I couldn’t look into her innocent eyes
Hear her voice through the walls
Her imaginary everything is perfect
I don’t guess Wrong, she is worth it.
She cuts herself, i could feel the pain
For blood rolls down as tears
Cause losing each other was our big fear
If given a chance to be together
Wouldn’t hesitate to pay the price
i couldn’t change her scars from before
But the next scars on her whole body
Would be her smile, big and hearty
Her glamour, innocence and beauty
Won’t be spoiled again, its my duty.

If she’s reading this, oh well, I Love Her.

Angel of love.


Will you keep the music playing?
I dont wanna loose you.
Will you just shut up and ;
Hear to what i am saying?
So can we keep this moment
And seal it within our hearts.
Things have never been the same before
Nor will they be the same again
But today you make me feel alive
Alive again,
I have learned to love again
Erase my hate, i was so consumed in
So baby will you stay like this forever
And promise me to smile
When you see my name again
And remember time we laughed
Hugged and kissed
To every breath we took together
And to every heartbeat we missed
We can skip all details
But the smile on your face
Will never be erased nor will it fade
With every passing day
I will love you more and more each day.
So baby will you still love me when
When i am gone, gone in the wind
Erased my scent, my trails
Will you still search for me
Like you did just before today.
So baby when you find me
that someday, i will uphold my promise
I will be there, there for you
Care for you and you dont
Dont wanna have to cry anymore
And i will , i promise i will watch you
Watch you from the shadows
I promise i will pick you up
When you stumble and fall
And push you further up
Up to the skies, where i believe
Heaven exists , cause baby
You are an angel.
An angel of LOVE

“The binary things-
So are the complimentary functions
Between the love and the hate
Some to bargain, some to compensate
The moments in this arena,
To cherish or to regret;
To hunt or be ones prey ;
Be it in the night or in the day;
To take a bullet or to fire one
To the sunlight or to the moon;
To be on this earth or flying in air.
To be a question or to be an answer
Be it someone’s safe,or an open drawer
The secrets are lies, so are the truth in open eyes.


have faith in fate or change fate in faith,
Shall answer to your sins
And be praised for your goodness
Both at hell’s or at heaven’s gate.
This life is one hell of a bait.

Now i have you, now i don’t..!

Today I stripped my life down,
To some bare mathematical  simplicities.
I drew a few straight lines,
and a half open circle.
I discovered geometry of structures,
Acute and obtuse feelings to measure.
There were right angles…and wrong,
And theorems on matters of heart.
I equated all functions of emotions,
Solved algebra of human behaviours.
And then there was a remainder,
A residual left over called Love.
In the binary state of my mind…
Now I have you, now I don’t

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