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I am a Demon

​I waged a war against my demons!

Fought for the calmness ;

Everything was messy in my mind,

Little did I know that,

My condition was never fine.

Found out that my peace;

 the mastermind of my sins behind.

It wore a mask of a fake smile,

threw me around ,Like a projectile,

Stitched and patched in bandages

Trapped like a bird in the cages.

Drove me insane, all I did was whine;

wounded and shabby, Got up Everytime!

Let my rage and pain ride me.

I sided with my demons inside;

Started destroying everything around

I smiled from inside, my turn this time.


Faith in Himself

The sun, the moon, the stars
Can’t erase these soul scars
Feelings imprisoned behined bars
You have lived for long
Most won’t even make that far
Keep telling that to himself
But, who’s listening ,who is to hear?
Tiny little brat complaining about life
His hope’s broken, so is his heart
Tries to end his misery, the kitchen knife
Masks that fell before him
And the trusts that failed to win
Others left aside, failed even by his kin
No one on his side, understood his pain
Stood by everyone on their needs
What hell did he gain?
Sometimes at night, he would stare blank
Decides to start a new page,
But oh , the same diary
The same inkspot as it was the previous
He would give up anytime he wants
But his faith still holds,
To me he is a fool but faith after losing
Is that his Gold?

Now i have you, now i don’t..!

Today I stripped my life down,
To some bare mathematical  simplicities.
I drew a few straight lines,
and a half open circle.
I discovered geometry of structures,
Acute and obtuse feelings to measure.
There were right angles…and wrong,
And theorems on matters of heart.
I equated all functions of emotions,
Solved algebra of human behaviours.
And then there was a remainder,
A residual left over called Love.
In the binary state of my mind…
Now I have you, now I don’t

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