“hey there, how are you doing?”-
I am so sorry, i am not used to giving introductions about myself, or anything in pirticular. Truth be told i am a bad speaker,and i stammer a lot; sometimes i stumble over my own words. Well, i am trying to be funny which i hope is working here.
And therefore; i am a good listener, i listen, i give opinions but i hate judging and being judged by anyone at the same time also being ignored while i am communicating. (yeah, that’s my negative point on which every single person that i have let loose have stumbled upon.)
this is to the people i have made promises but i no longer talk to or put an effort to contact you guys,if i have made promises, i won’t hesitate to be on my word. i still will be there to help you out.

well that’s all there is to the mystery to unlock me. its clear and simple.

so hey there, “have we met?” , oh my, “where are my manners?”, I am Debjyoti. “what’s yours?”, do you realise i have been talking to myself over this about section. 

Alright, here is my deal, “Every person in this universe has a story, told or untold, doesn’t matter. These stories turn these person to something that they never thought of becoming them in the last priority of their bucket list. These are the people who are the outlaws, who broke the chain of the same routine, rules, regulations, and charged their way to create their own damn destiny. ” I know that i have been here for a mere few years and i have a lot more to go in the future. To the veterans (the aged and the experienced ) you have my respect, and i am no writer. This is just the way, or my words expressing the tone of how i feel the things in my own way in this world. Everything is a mystery and a symbol or a clue to something else. (well, i don’t seem to unravel any of those mysteries either.) well about my favorites:
put me anywhere, anytime, in a restaurant, put me with anything on the plate, its going to be in my tummy in no time. (in short a foodie.)
colours: aw man, the worst of all favourites. I haven’t really decided yet. to be true, blue is sky, yellow is sun, white are the clouds, green is the grass, black is the shadow. I live with them and i love all of them.
What am i?-

  1. Travelling is one of the things that i would be doing for the holidays -the travelling enthusiast
  2. as said a foodie
  3. a programmer, i love coding, someday not soon and yet not far i will have my own AI
  4. an adventurer, i could go up in between the clouds and skydive or climb the mount Everest , there is no “NO” in between.
  5. music: place the genre-its supposed to heal and hide your wounds no matter what kind it is, i am comfortable with all of them.
  6. humanity is my religion. all men are equally worth to this face of the earth

well, that will be all i hope.
i would like to know about you too. Add me on my social sites, text me with anything, reply is a must from me. 
take care. 😉 

well what makes me happy? 
figure it out. i enjoy _______________. (this is for you to fill up.)