Happy Birthday Dear.

I am in doubt,
Whether or not you ;
Have been hearing me out.
I am in worry,
My worst mistake;
Letting you go.
& I am sorry;
I am hurt so bad.
I made you so sad;
I am depressed,
I love the way;
You moved my stress.
I am alone,
Think of you as my all;
Has been long gone.
I think of you,
Every now and then;
I wonder we will meet when.
I know, you care,
Seeing you happy;
Is what I fare.
I know, you love,
Cause baby
You bring me peace as a white Dove.
I know, there’s Chaos in you,
There’s nothing I wouldn’t do
All you need, is ask for it
And all world’s gonna be yours.
I know, it’s your birthday
It’s special for you,
Yet, I don’t have anything special to say.
I know, I am blank
Blank as a vacuum,
You fill it with your universe.
I could go on
But, I would run out of words
And they won’t be rhyming in verse
It sounds perfect, so let’s not make it worse.

Wish you a Happy Birthday. Have loads and loads of fun, and have the time in the best way possible. Bunk tuitions. this one’s for you. I hope you like it. We didn’t have time together. I regret that. I wish it didn’t went down the way it went. 



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