When I hurt you!

When I hurt you by pushing you away, I didn’t know why I did it in the first place! I am in Love with you since the day of your physics exam. & Tragically I didn’t want to propose you so sooner because creepy. When you went away I went crazy enough to track you down and bring you back to me. When you returned you weren’t single anymore. Seeing you patched up, I thought things started getting normal between the two of you, so, I didn’t bother you with my feelings. A few days later, you asked me for a suggestion of whether or not to approach your crush and like an idiot, I said, it’s upto you and if you like him you should’ve told him, (break the stereotypes.)  about it. I didn’t get your message, but I did want to tell you that I like you. I don’t sleep well, because in all honesty when I have a sweet dream with you, or about you, I would just wake up just staring at your profile. And I remember why I used to wake up, in my dreams I always receive a text from you, asking if I was free and that you needed to talk to me about something,  before I woke up. 3rd may, “our day”, was when I was awake that night, I had that dream again. I was staring at your profile and a few minutes later you turned online. When I was awake in those midnights, some of those nights you would be online too. I hope you remember them. When you ignored me, I thought you might be busy and I was disturbing you, so I reduced my excitement. I don’t forgive myself for hurting you when you loved me. I am sorry.

I don’t want you away.

Never did you any good. I thought I did. But , it didn’t help.

For your dreams, I am happy that you are following them. I wish you the bestest luck through them. I ain’t much of a lucky charm but you are, use them wisely. If we aren’t talking no-more, I don’t want to bother you simply for me anymore and I hate being ignored. If you need someone to talk to, know that I will be there for you, ALWAYS !.

We didn’t meet, didn’t touch, didn’t kiss each other but what we did, clean slate won’t be clean anymore. People like us don’t change, we grow some extra habits but that feeling still etches the wall of our brains making us damaged. Hell sleep or no sleep, I like to think of you everytime.



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