Nightmare Today. 

​07-08-16: 5:36 am

I woke up to a dream, A nightmare actually. I was all sweaty , out of breath and thirsty. Water didn’t quench a bit of it. Sleep wouldn’t come so easily. Grabbed my earphones from the desk and tuned in to lullaby section. Its not the first time this has happened to me, Usually I would sleep through my nightmares peacefully and wake up as nothing had happened. when so many things are on your mind and you really don’t have someone to talk it out of you, its natural to be exhausted, driven , tired and often see a different perspective to a situation, become judgemental and you become a prisoner of your mind, suddenly your freedom is suspended. Becoming an introvert, selfish and intolerant to people and their stupidity . Things you enjoy are no longer a part of your life. Robbed of innocence, humor and emotions. Some people pretend to enjoy this. Prison of Thoughts is their new freedom. I am not an expert writer nor do I wish to write any articles on my life, to me its a curse, keeps us awake when you are required to sleep. Back to my dream; 

I was walking through a road between two stations, when I was approached by four or three of the strangers asking me questions of my way of journey, I didn’t intend to answer them but I figured that I would hurry and get out of this mess by answering his questions. I stopped for a minute and spoke to the person, and started to my road a few minutes later I was startled by noticing that the strangers were following me by a distance. I took up a turn, which by the way I shouldn’t have taken I ran into their nest, I saw their machetes and the butcher knifes and the skinned humans with their heads chopped off. CANNIBALS ! I was attacked by the stranger who stopped me on the way. I was chopped of my left arm and though it was a dream the chopped felt real, the pai n and the blood, the numbness of my body growing dizziness and I ran out of consciousness. An hour later when my senses returned with no left arm, someone chopped my fingernails of my toes and ripped my tongue while I was out. I could feel the pain, I could only imagine myself alive after a chopped arm but it felt real. its like you are facing my own death and someone really enjoyed me witness my death. They made me drink my own blood and hanged me by a sickle through my right arm. Slowly they started peeling the skin of my chest. No screaming, No Numbness, just excruciating pain of being alive when you are literally ripped to shreds. 

And to the tragic part someone then bulls-eyed me to the eye with a dart. And imagine yourself bleeding blood through eyes. Unbearable. I woke up. It was scary. 


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