​Sat around the corner of the corridor
Sipping down champagne
Watching the pouring rain
Clear blue skies turning grey
Watched from the background
As My life just fades away
While staying alive on life support
The monitor beeps through every report
I closed my eyes once again
It’s the memories that keep me awake
I couldn’t help it, but
Whatever gets me through the night
Hoping to see her face by next sunlight

I was so broken, more than a train wreck
Losing her was so damn heart break
Wondering if I could have checked
The way things are now,
Her thoughts keep me awake
still hoping, that’s not easy to break
See her in his hallucinations
It seems so sweet
But all it is, are nightmares
That haunts him in his sleep
His woulds are invisible
But it runs down so deep
Wondering if it all went wrong
But everything that felt so right
Whatever gets me through the night
I read her conversations just to make me sleep
I imagine kissing her forehead ,
she touched my soul so damn deep
It’s hard to forget her, when she gave me
So much more than anyone to keep
These are all in my dreams
Whatever gets me through the night.

Honestly I don’t want to give up on you just yet.



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