A Bad descision.

As an engineering student, we usually celebrate after any of our internals or external exams get over. To keep moments and track of where we are now, and where we wanna be.
Yesterday @10/05/2016 me and my friend, we tried to hike things up a bit more than the usual. We decided to take rum. Sincerely this would be the first time i was drinking. We were casual and we hid in the garden ofvour college campus to enjoy ourselves altogether. On the first three sips, i felt a burning sensation and i got a tingy little feeling that this is gonna end up being bad or worst. My friend told me that the burning sensation was going to be okay and we continued. While i was in the half of the bottle, i felt the dizzyness and a bit lightheaded. I enjoyed it, i won’t lie. But since this was my first time i decided not to push myself and at the end i gave up saying i cant have more, now i am gonna puke. In the mean time my friend finished his part and i couldn’t feel that he was fully high and drunk, looking at him, he asked me arent you gonna finish that? And i raised the bottle and said , here, finish mine and then we will move to the hostel. My biggest mistake was giving him the extra part of mine. The next thing i know is i tried to wake him up,slapped him kicked him, he probably didn’t feel anything. I don’t know. I started shouting and wasting no time i called my friends, his roommate and one of my class mate to come and get us from the greenhouse shed, where we were. It all seemed so funny but it wasn’t until we ended up with the guards and our hostel caretaker incharge. Since, i wasn’t that high, i tried to make a story but nothing fits the location of where we were found. I was still continuing to wake my friend and somehow escape the deep hole we were in. Nothing worked out. I couldn’t think of anything and i was getting irritated by the slightest noise and the language of the people. At the end, i kept calm and sat down because now i have got the feeling of puking and this time i couldn’t stop and i puked infront of the caretaker. Seeing us in our conditions, we were told to leave the college campus and be drunkards everywhere, my friends were trying hard to keep us within the hostel but nothing works out. Later i called up one of my friends who stays in a flat with some other guys and asked if we could come over at his place for the night. Now , we’re really fucked up. Hired an auto and left for his place where we got to stay the night and leave the next day. Because, the next day we were going to face the disciplinary committee and it wasnt gonna be easy. Thinking of all these things around i have lost my sleep and i started writing up this para.
It was A Bad Descision.


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