Angel of love.

Will you keep the music playing?
I dont wanna loose you.
Will you just shut up and ;
Hear to what i am saying?
So can we keep this moment
And seal it within our hearts.
Things have never been the same before
Nor will they be the same again
But today you make me feel alive
Alive again,
I have learned to love again
Erase my hate, i was so consumed in
So baby will you stay like this forever
And promise me to smile
When you see my name again
And remember time we laughed
Hugged and kissed
To every breath we took together
And to every heartbeat we missed
We can skip all details
But the smile on your face
Will never be erased nor will it fade
With every passing day
I will love you more and more each day.
So baby will you still love me when
When i am gone, gone in the wind
Erased my scent, my trails
Will you still search for me
Like you did just before today.
So baby when you find me
that someday, i will uphold my promise
I will be there, there for you
Care for you and you dont
Dont wanna have to cry anymore
And i will , i promise i will watch you
Watch you from the shadows
I promise i will pick you up
When you stumble and fall
And push you further up
Up to the skies, where i believe
Heaven exists , cause baby
You are an angel.
An angel of LOVE


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