Subjected to Change :

You will regret the part latter Its not hard to do things that matter It only takes one thought to change Its not what you count to loose Their is only one out of two Its you, who has to choose Things that changed in recent Are not what you gained  With efforts, giving up... Continue Reading →


How do I?

There is always darkness before dawn Your wishes are like flowers of   a lawn They say events conveys messages They say to learn what one teaches They say 'pardon ' is what you cannot borrow So teach me now, how to express my sorrow My words hurt you, they are like arrows I can't save you,... Continue Reading →

I am a Demon

​I waged a war against my demons! Fought for the calmness ; Everything was messy in my mind, Little did I know that, My condition was never fine. Found out that my peace;  the mastermind of my sins behind. It wore a mask of a fake smile, threw me around ,Like a projectile, Stitched and... Continue Reading →

I am running | Insomniac brat. 

​I am running running from the sleep keeping myself of the dreams dreams that aren't reality I am running running from the thoughts of me being older and mis managing my responsibility I am running running from the emotions develops on the mobile screen while expressing them is my worst ability I am running running... Continue Reading →

Why? | The question left unanswered.

Why are the feelings erratic?  Why does everyone crave to be someone else? Why does the person sitting next to you avoid mutual conversation? Why do we blame religion for what we are? Why does a color of skin matter? Why are most teens depressed? Why does terrorism exist? Why are men often called sexist?... Continue Reading →

Motivation | Poem an year ago!

The worlds just playing It is just making you saying You are making a fool out of yourself What is wrong with you? You can cut through them You know they can't beat you You are just not working the way Useless for me to say They can't understand you Cause you are different They... Continue Reading →

In her eyes

I want to see the universe that lies within your eyes grow bigger, brighter, stronger. And when I look into them they would consume me whole. Drowning in your universe, the sparks , the fireflies. The stars , the sun, the cold , the warm. I would be sitting wondering your wonders. Make home in... Continue Reading →

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