Now That You are Gone!

I am sorry that I was wrong, Made a mistake when I was young; Now, that you are gone... I keep listening to one song And that's making me all alone Why did it have to be this way? Why wasn't that fight, Just like another day? Now that I am away! I am thinking... Continue Reading →


Let You Go| Insomniac Brat

You have been the medicine, Before that I was the addict, For I have been binge drinking; alcohol level higher than the sugar, Hold me, one more time my dear. You have been filling the hollow parts, Settling the rough edges with smoother arts; Renovated by you, a new existence New structure, new charts. This... Continue Reading →

Dressed in Blue

So today you were dressed in blue Never had a single clue You looked gorgeous My eyes are stuck at you Never in the past It happened to me this way I thought it would never last The sunset by the bay. Now, I don't know of what to say I don't know is there... Continue Reading →


Lately I have been running down  On the questions with if and why  Lately I have been feeling like a crown  On the thoughts of a baby cry  Lately I have been growing older  On the moments of being bolder  Lately I have been falling over and over  On the small obstacles on my way ... Continue Reading →

She | Over My Head

She has the smile that makes my day Oh no! I can't afford to give it away She has the eyes that makes me smile Oh no! I am sure there is no other way She has the face so pretty and beautiful Oh no! I am sure I can't keep my cool She has... Continue Reading →

Moon & Stars |Over my Head

Someday I am gonna drop you off at your home,  Someday you won't feel being alone !!  Any longer,  So why won't you pick up the phone  Why can't you get it together?  Why can't you sleep!!  Should I count you baba black sheep  One two three ,  So why can't you let it be... Continue Reading →

My Universe | Over My Head

broke me up in a million piece Deprived me of my night's sleep With no mind conditioned at peace Nightmares have been my only friend Have the powers like a chief And the wit imagination of a thief Because all the greatest mixtures Are hidden in those little briefs Where the silence of night still... Continue Reading →

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