Your Kind of Man | Over My Head

This time I have no story to tell  I got no more matchstick to sell  I have lost everything except my voice  Should I give it up or should I yell!  I stood up against the battles I can  I have never given up , I never ran!  I tried to be the one, your... Continue Reading →


I Have A Problem| Insomniac Brat

I Have A Problem When not many can admit to it, This is for myself and moving on I admit that I have a Problem that not many can solve When I am just wasting my time while doing nothing and running late When I am just wasting every single dime while smoking and drinking... Continue Reading →

Pretending | Over My Head

I am getting tired of pretending When everything is a haywire and I couldn't solve any of it I don't see the most vibrant colors What I see is just Black and White just as the two faces of a coin I am getting tired of pretending Keeping a Smile is making me tire I... Continue Reading →

The Endless Nights|Insomniac Brat

Haven't felt like this for a long time; kept myself from this hurtful writings of mine. my thoughts are the cries; of desperateness and loneliness in the nights. for when the world is resting; I search for myself, thinking about life. as when I gaze upon the starry skies, blank and dark become my thoughts,... Continue Reading →

In Your Eyes | Insomniac Brat

I want to see the universe that lies within your eyes grow bigger, brighter, stronger. And when I look into them they would consume me whole. Drowning in your universe, the sparks , the fireflies. The stars , the sun, the cold , the warm. I would be sitting wondering your wonders. Make home in... Continue Reading →

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