When You’re Alone | Insomniac Brat

When you are alone; read this. It's time I told you a secret This depression you hold in The walls you put up around you Keeping yourself safe within The boundaries you so well guard The feelings you are afraid of The peace you search for They are with you, if only you don't regret... Continue Reading →


The Pier Dream | Insomniac Brat

I woke up in a wooden house On the side of. a pier, The sound of the stream Loud and clear through the pier door She was standing there As in my dream She wore no makeup Had a pretty messed up hair Hell, i didn't care for her getup Cause her lips were mine.... Continue Reading →

This Girl | Insomniac Brat

Let me tell you all about this girl, Whom i haven't known for long. She carries a charm in her face; a glow that never fades. She has the attribute of haste, a little bit rude, a little bit sour; she loves shopping every minute of every hour. Her love life's a mess; but she creates... Continue Reading →


In this digital era of communication, where everyone is masked behind one screen. There's a war named depression that eats one from within. Lucky are those who can break free for its roots are deep, like an old tree. This cuts and pains twice as that of a blade Sadly, Some good souls couldn't escape.... Continue Reading →

My Leave | Insomniac Brat

Let me find my way home tonight After I am soaked in whiskey and wine! Light me another cigarette Keep me high till I break. For long now, I have given up my fight. Just Leave me be in the dark. I am just another dying light. . I'll find my peace now It's selfish... Continue Reading →

Subjected to Change :

You will regret the part latter Its not hard to do things that matter It only takes one thought to change Its not what you count to loose Their is only one out of two Its you, who has to choose Things that changed in recent Are not what you gained  With efforts, giving up... Continue Reading →

How do I?

There is always darkness before dawn Your wishes are like flowers of   a lawn They say events conveys messages They say to learn what one teaches They say 'pardon ' is what you cannot borrow So teach me now, how to express my sorrow My words hurt you, they are like arrows I can't save you,... Continue Reading →


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